Interview feedback for everyone.
Hi. We’re Skilled. We facilitate mock technical interviews that provide detailed, useful feedback. We help job seekers get hired, create meaningful roles for coaches , evaluate candidates for employers, and assess students’ job-readiness.
Job Seekers
Our coaches help you brush up on your skills, and reveal the latest hiring and interviewing trends.
We pay you to conduct on-demand, mock, technical interviews remotely, in your spare time. Conduct 1 or 100.
Save hundreds of hours evaluating talent by getting in touch with us.
Get hired with our help
We focus on one of the most crucial elements of the job hunt - the interview. As a job seeker, it’s your chance to show what you’re made of. And before that big moment, we figure you deserve some practice. We have the right people to coach you. So you can shine in the real interview.
We make interviews easier
Here’s how. Our coaches are professional, industry experts who know their stuff, and are keen to give back and strengthen their field. They pack all their experience of interviewing candidates and building teams into the mock interviews that they conduct for us. We sweeten the deal by giving them up to $100 per hour to interview remotely, during their spare time.
We prepare job seekers
We match job seekers with coaches who have the right technical knowledge to conduct remote, mock interviews which last an hour. Our thorough, on-demand interviews prepare job seekers for the real deal. We test their chops. We promise.
Get feedback on performance
After every mock interview, coaches deliver comprehensive, written feedback, identifying what job seekers know and what they need to know. That way they can ace their interviews.
Powered by Skype
Skilled has partnered with Skype to provide a robust and seamless interview experience. With Skype we bring coaches and interviewees together in a powerful audio, video and coding environment; allowing you to maximize your experience every time.
Our Goal
Our goal is to build the bridge between applied knowledge and career advancement. We are an education-focused organization that assists job seekers, hiring managers, post-secondary counselors, CTOs, and business owners.

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