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Our Process

Skilled Certified candidates
Our experts are from some of the world’s best companies and spend an hour carefully assessing a candidate's skills in a virtual 1 on 1 interview.
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Performance based feedback
After each interview, our experts deliver comprehensive, written feedback. Our Skilled Certified report card validates skills, showing what job seekers know and where they need to grow.
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Mentor driven education
Job seekers who need additional help attend our 4 week interview bootcamp led by one of our expert mentors.
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Expert help with job screening and job searching
Our community of mentors help businesses save hundreds of hours through candidate screening and job placement services.
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Job Seekers
Our mentors help you brush up on your skills, and reveal the latest hiring trends.
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Get in-depth data on curriculum and student performance while making them job ready.
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We pay you to conduct on-demand, interviews remotely, in your spare time.
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Save hundreds of hours finding and evaluating talent by getting in touch with us.
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Our goal
Our goal is to provide job seekers with affordable and easy access to education through world class mentorship; Skilled drastically reduces the cost of recruiting efforts, while radically democratizing access to the world's best talent and best companies.
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