Hack The Interview

By Amir Savar - CEO

Our call to arms is to every job seeker out there; train for your interviews like it is the most important test of your life.

Where you work and what you do is one of the most defining pieces of your life. The job(s) you accept put you on a forever trajectory that dictates future earning potential, career opportunities, and even personal ambition. Unfortunately, most job-seekers find themselves settling in their careers due to the extreme economic pressures of finding employment as quickly as possible to pay for the debt brought on by education. Life is expensive, opportunities are scarce so job-seekers do what they must to survive, but are we as a generation thriving?  

The education models we invest tens of thousands (if not hundreds of thousands) of dollars in claim to help us with career navigation through lackluster career centers. These Career Centers ultimately and consistently fail to democratize access to employers and career mobility. It is completely unsurprising that in a Gallop poll only 16% of graduates indicate that their career center experience was “very helpful”.  At their very, very best these services provide resume tips, behavioral mock interviews, access to alumni, and some employer connections. In their worse form a career center is an underwhelming department ran by individuals who have zero experience in your desired trade or field and therefore provide little to-no-help in your journey to finding gainful employment. What a deal on that $10,000-$100,000 tuition.

In our opinion schools and Career Centers have a moral obligation to GUARANTEE job offers to their students or refund their money.

In our opinion, any career service model that is unable to guarantee job outcomes for their students’ must be dismantled and replaced by a system that does.

In our opinion career services should be a tool accessible to any job-seeker at any point in their career. It is not just recent grads who need help navigating their career, we all need it.

Because we are so opinionated, we here at Skilled have built the solution to this complacency. After four years of operating in the career service space and conducting over 20,000 mock interviews, we have learned exactly what it takes to land any job and to propel any career regardless of class, age, sex or identity. The solution? World class interview training through our product Hack the Interview™.

If you have a big test you study, if you have a big game you practice, so why are job seekers not empowered with the same type of mentality and tools that are found within athletic departments or education departments? Why are job seekers not thoroughly trained in how to interview and crush any opportunity that comes their way? Why are job seekers left largely alone to figure out the future they were promised?

Hack the Interview™ is a training system unlike any other. When a user participates in the HTI experience we treat them like a world class athlete who was traded to a world class team. We will push you, we will guide you, we will teach you the playbook, but more importantly, we will surround you with the best talent in the world so that you win. When you join HTI you join a community of 2,000 world class experts who are actual hiring managers at the companies you want to work for and employed in the roles/positions you aspire to be in. These experts (who we call mentors) become your dedicated coaches who teach you how to win at each level of the interviewing process. Our training is not a 1-size fits all approach but rather is tailored to each of your real-life interviews in real time.

Practice makes perfect. Intensive practice with the best people on the planet makes you an unstoppable force and because of this we have achieved a 98% success rate, helping hundreds of job-seekers find meaningful employment in 90 days or less.

With this level of proven success, we demand that every institution, every recruiter, every career center implements the Hack the Interview training system, with or without us. You do not need Skilled to practice and train for interviews what you need is a dedicated staff and community willing to invest job-seekers with the very best resources available. 

Enough is enough. Our call to arms is to every job seeker out there; train for your interviews like it is the most important test of your life. Just imagine what your life would look like if you aced every job interview you ever had, together we will make this a reality.