Welcome to Skilled!

By Amir Savar - CEO

Interview feedback for everyone.
Hi - 

We’re Skilled a community of experts who believe in interview feedback for everyone. Our mentors represent the worlds best talent in engineering, business, medicine, design and they live here as interviewers and educators. At Skilled mentors conduct technical/non-technical interviews providing comprehensive feedback for three types of customers:

1) Job-seekers: Do a mock interview, get feedback on performance.  

2) Schools: Utilize Skilled for curriculum development/adjustment and as a practice tool for students.

3) Recruiters: Skilled doubles the speed and efficiency of your hiring arm by conducting one round of technical screening with our community of experts.

Skilled is not a one-off experience. After each interview job-seekers have the opportunity to re-book their interviewer for additional tutoring/coaching on anything skill related (resume review, github review, general Q&A, help on a project, etc.); creating a true bridge between education and recruitment. 

Why We Are Doing This

We believe the most impactful education one can receive stems from relationships they foster. The adage “it’s all about who you know” has lived infamously through ivy league education, social clubs, and peer-to-peer networking to cement prosperity and stability. But what if you did not attend an elite college? What if you are the first person to ever attend college or have a "white collar" job in your family? The existing system has disenfranchised the masses leaving the "have-nots" to create their own networks and communities with severely limited resources and access.

Never again. 

On Skilled any person can engage the mind, honesty, feedback and relationship of an amazing mentor within 12 hours. The ability to network and be guided by tier one professionals not only better prepares job-seekers but helps open the doors of opportunity.

Who Are The Mentors

Mentors conduct interviews on their spare-time in gig-economy fashion whenever they want. As a rule all mentors are fully employed by other companies with at-least five years of hands-on experience in the field they are an expert in. Typically we look for a college degree in the field a mentor provides coaching in, but there are always exceptions. All mentors/interviewers have worked as hiring managers at world-class organizations and have first hand experience building teams they are proud of.

Mentors do interviews on Skilled for 4 main reasons:

1) Altruism. Giving back to job-seekers who find themselves in an ever evolving world. 

2) Flexibility. Mentors do interviews whenever they want, remotely, from the comfort of their home with zero demand on their time. 

3) Money. An interviewer will never get rich doing interviews on Skilled but a little extra money never hurts, especially in cities like SF, NY, and LA. 

4) Practice. What makes an expert an expert? Their desire to always learn and evolve. No better way to sharpen interviewing skills then doing interviews on Skilled as a mentor. 

How Does An Interview Work?

All interviews are conducted on the Skilled platform utilizing our audio, video and code writing environment. Technical interviews (any interview reviewing a specific skill/topic) are 60 minutes in length while communication/behavioral interviews (great for non-native English speakers) are 30 minutes in length.

Job-seeker indicates what type of interview they would like to do (java, nursing, marketing, UX, finance, etc) and select a time from a list of availabilities. Once the time/date is selected job-seekers are paired with the mentors who are an expert in that field and share that exact time as available in their calendars. Job-seekers are not able to specify which specific mentors they would like to partnered with, only the type of interview and day/time. Job-seekers are able to specify which mentor they would like tutoring/coaching from. Mentors execute on the hour long interview as they normally would for their own teams. For all intents and purposes this is a "real" interview with a real hiring manager, the differences lie in the feedback provided and the fact that there is no "job" being offered through or by Skilled. Skilled is not a recruiting platform. 

Within 48 hours mentors provide job-seekers and our partners with comprehensive feedback on interview performance. Feedback forms are core to our experience and value. 

Who Are We

Hi - 

We’re Alli, Sam, Jared, Farouk and Amir - we run Skilled. Fundamentally Skilled represents something uniquely different to each of us. 

Alli our head of design believes that sometimes the most elegant solution is the simplest. How do we help generations of talent find the path success? By creating the simplest and most intelligent route to getting there.   

Sam & Jared represent our engineering team and are graduates of one of the first coding bootcamps ever! For Sam and Jared Skilled represents the empowerment of students who have taken a non-traditional route to finding success. 

Amir our founder is a recruiter by trade with experience building software engineering teams. Skilled represents the idea that you can never judge a book by its cover; every job-seeker deserves an opportunity to prove themselves even if they didn't graduate from Stanford.

Farouk our co-founder is the Vice Provost of a renown university. He believes deeply that education must evolve to fit the ever changing needs of employers. Education in our modern society does not stop at graduation, to maintain value in the modern workforce we must continually "up-skill" ourselves. 

While our perspectives are unique to our life experiences we share the same mission: Skilled is here to bridge the gap between education and employment. Our goal and mission to is empower every single user that engages with our community. Smarter more prepared job-seekers, side income in a busy and expensive world for mentors, and a more fair and intelligent hiring arm for employers. 

Most importantly we believe in feedback for everyone, especially for ourselves. If you have any feedback we would love to hear it:


We look forward to servicing you. 

Best wishes,
Skilled Team