We set an incredibly high bar for our coaches . You must be currently employed, patient, an expert at hiring and scaling teams, and very personable. To that last point… We’re just going to come out and say it: we have a no-asshole policy.
If you’ve been in charge of hiring at a great organization, then you can benefit anyone looking to work in your industry. Or, we should say, benefit greatly. You can help talented folks land their dream jobs. Yes, you!
Give back to your field by conducting mock, technical interviews. And while you’re at it, earn up to $100 per hour.
Along with monetizing your industry knowledge, you have the chance to improve and empower the new generation of job seekers. We think that’s pretty important. And pretty great.
I have been doing interviews for the last 5 years and realize that conducting a technical interview is no easy task. You not only need experience and competence, but also a mix of other non-technical skills, like the ability to build a rapport with the candidate and the ability to understand his/her train of thought even if not phrased properly.
For companies that need to hire talent, delegating the task of interviewing to a third-party company is great when it comes to technical screening. In my experience, Skilled has a better game than anyone else. Every interviewer is highly skilled, trained, and has years of experience interviewing. Highly recommended.
Engineering Lead @ Snapchat, Los Angeles