We save you time and money. Our mission is to make it easier and faster for you to get people hired. Interviewers put your candidates through their paces, screening and certifying which ones are qualified based on your standards and desired skill set.
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Thorough evaluation
Skilled interviewers are industry veterans who are deeply experienced at building world-class teams. They put your candidates through a rigorous and completely customized, hour-long interview. What’s more, interviews can be completed at scale using our secure platform.
Skilled Certified feedback
You customize the evaluation criteria you want our interviewers to cover. After each interview, you receive a Skilled Certified report card with detailed, written feedback about a candidate’s performance.
Interviewers provide a thorough break down of a candidate's skill set. You then decide who should move forward through your company’s regular interview process. That way, your team never interviews an unqualified candidate again.
Time-saving transparency
After each interview, both you and your candidates receive a Skilled Certified report card. And throughout, the Skilled dashboard lets you track and see how candidates are doing. You save time and get a wider funnel of qualified candidates to choose from. No lemons.
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