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We realize that interviewing is tough. It’s supposed to be. But when you don’t get a job, you often don’t know why. That’s where we come in.
After helping you practice for job interviews we give you a Skilled Certified report card. It sums up your strengths and weaknesses, and helps you apply to jobs. If you need extra practice our mentors can help transform you into an interviewing ninja.
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Our Process

Hour-long practice interviews
We help you get ready for that big interview by connecting you with an industry expert. Our mentors are world-class in their field and know how to build solid teams. Their targeted questions will test your chops during our hour-long, practice interviews.
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Want to spend time reviewing your feedback? Need help with your resume or even career advice? Re-book your mentor for additional mentorship!
Skilled Certified feedback
After each interview, you receive a Skilled Certified report card with detailed, written feedback. You learn what you did well, and where your weak spots lie. You also learn about resources we’ve built that will better prepare you for your next interviews. Think of your Skilled Certified report card as a cover letter, but better. A report card from us is our stamp of approval that you’ve been vetted by experts in your field. Job seekers with passing report cards can apply for jobs on Skilled Referrals.
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Interview Bootcamp
Interviewing is a skill and sometimes you need a lot of practice to get good at it. Skilled offers a 4 week remote bootcamp led by world class mentors. This intensive curriculum prepares job seekers in core interview fundamentals, and introduces top performers to companies hiring.
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"Not only did my sessions on Skilled Inc lead to several genuine mentor connections and potential job opportunities for the future, but also prepared me to nail the interviews(and impress the mentors!) that got me hired at a Forbes 50 company."
B.K. Williams