Job Seekers
We realize that interviewing is tough. It’s supposed to be. But when you don’t get a job, you often don’t know why. That’s where we come in. We help you prepare for job interviews. We’re all about expertise, and fostering it through coaching. Here’s how.
We help you get ready for that big interview by connecting you with an industry expert. Our coaches are the best in their field and know how to build solid teams. Their technical questions will test your chops during hour-long, mock interviews. And to give you lots of practice, we pair you with a different coach each time.
After each interview, your coach gives you written feedback. You learn about what you did well, and where your weak spots lie. You also learn about helpful resources. Oh, and if your interviewer was impressed with your skills.
It’s our job to connect you with carefully selected coaches from the best companies. We help you shine when it absolutely counts - in your real interviews.
I was paired with a Software Engineer who had worked with several BIG companies in the past. He ran me through what felt like a very real interview and gave me feedback afterwards. He explained to me what I had to focus on in order to increase my chances of passing any interview.
Overall, I highly recommend this service and would definitely take part in it again.
Leandro Quezada
Software Engineer @ JCDecaux, NYC